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Project Beam Presents: Moving Onto our Dreams (M.O.O.D.)

This past February O’darah Outreach’s initiate Project Beam brought to life our call to action called “Moving Onto Our Dreams: A Cause for Change”

“Imagine a classroom setting where our youth will be able to receive real-world health awareness.
Imagine them being in a setting that would be interactive, engaging and stimulating for their mind.
Imagine being given the access and resources to go back and lend a helping hand to those students who currently sit in the same position we once sat and are in need of our guidance.
The time to enhance our youth’s overall educational experience is NOW!”

Science and Medicine Day

This event is an effort to expose High School Students who may be interested in the field of Science and Medicine to different careers that exist in the medical field and to facilitate an enriching environment by providing hands-on workshops and interactive sessions.

Moving Onto Our Dream: A Cause For Change

O’Darah Outreach’s health advocacy program Project B.E.A.M. is proud to present our Call to Action for the month of February titled, “Moving Onto Our Dreams: A Cause for Change.” Each week in the month of February we will be continuing the Project Beam tradition of discussing pertinent health topics with the high school students of Newark, NJ at Great Oaks Legacy Charter High School as well as our new partner school at Science Park High School.

New Partnerships and Expansion

Very excited for the future of our youth especially with Project Beam’s newest partnership with the Newark Board of Education. We genuinely had a great time today speaking with these bright young students who possess an overwhelming amount of talent and potential. Can’t wait for what the future has in store! 💫💫Picture from right to left [Principle Hollis of Weequahic HS, Superintendent Roger León, Kwame Awuku, Tiffany Ezepue, Kim Nebedum, Blessing Martins, Vice Principle Long] 

The Pozen Community Service Scholars Poster Presentation

O’Darah Outreach’s own Breta Osei-Bonsu and Kwame Awuku detailed their experiences from their international medical missionary outreach in Ghana.

National Medical Fellowships Culminating Event Poster Symposium

Kwame Awuku presenting his research findings from the community service learning program, Project BEAM, at the annual conference this past June 2018 in Washington, DC.  

Global Outreach


To Reach. To Serve. To Educate. To Build

The Global Medical Missions is an O’DARAH OUTREACH initiative that gives medical students, pre-medical students, and graduate students the opportunity to assist health professionals of different hospitals located in the country of Ghana. While in Ghana, the volunteers participate in numerous community health outreaches organized by O’DARAH OUTREACH in order to help to decrease the health disparities that exist.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to serve the community at Nsawam Governmental Hospital. The Outpatient Deparment (OPD) of the hospital has over 220 staff members who run a 24 hour hospital care.”

-Kwame G Awuku, M.D. candidate 2019

“The medical missions trip had an impactful meaning for us and reaffirmed to us why we continue pursuing medicine, which is to be able to gain knowledge and use it wherever it is needed most.”

-Breta Osei-Bonsu, M.D. candidate 2021

Local Outreach

Project BEAM

(Beyond Education, Academics, and Medicine)

Project BEAM is an O’DARAH OUTREACH initiative moulded from the desire and the need to educate the inner city youths with the end goal of increasing their health literacy, along with the health literacy of their community as a whole.

Visual Representation

We have a strong commitment to serving our youth because they hold the key to the future of our communities.

Project Beam actively engages our students in order to expose them to health topics that are crucial and relevant to both their current and future health risks and outcomes in an interactive, informative, and practical way.

Kwame G. Awuku

Founder and CEO, O'DARAH OUTREACH A NJ Nonprofit Corporation

Cultivating Awareness

Learn by Doing

Active Engagement

O'darah Outreach

August 31, 2021

O’DARAH OUTREACH is a 501(C)(3) certified non-profit organization with the objective of promoting healthcare, education and other services to communities and/or institutions locally and globally through its two main initiatives, Project BEAM and O’DARAH Global Medical Missions.