About Us


O’DARAH OUTREACH was founded on December 19, 2014 and was registered by the state of New Jersey as a non-profit organization on January 26, 2015. Today, we are working hard to improve the overall quality of life for community members, both locally and abroad, through health education, preventative medicine and other services.

Our Mission

O’DARAH OUTREACH is a 501(C)(3) certified NJ non-profit organization created and managed by young professionals with the purpose of promoting healthcare, education and other services to communities and/or institutions, both locally and abroad. Our ultimate goal is to decrease the health disparity that exist in these communities. We hope to achieve this goal by providing services that support disease prevention and improve the overall quality of life.

Our Initiatives

Global Outreach

Provides health and medical services to people living in communities internationally with increased health disparities.

Project BEAM

Education consulting service in the field of health education and preventative medicine for the youth.

Beam Spotlight

Highlighting inspirational stories and accounts of people achieving their goals while enduring adversity.

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