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Project BEAM is an initiative moulded from the desire and the need to educate inner-city youth with the end goal of increasing their health literacy, along with the health literacy of their community as a whole.

By presenting updated and Physician approved health educational information regarding the prevalence, incidence, pathophysiology and clinical manifestation of different diseases, we can produce desirable outcomes that may lead to the reduction of health disparities among the community as a whole.

Project Beam is exposing the students of GOLCS(Great Oaks Legacy Charter HS) and local schools to an out of the classroom education with real world health  awareness igniting a love for science and a ‘I can do and be ANYTHING’ attitude towards their life goals.

Karma B. Warren, M.D.

Emergency Med Physician-Associate Professor, New Jersey Medical School

Improving Health Literacy and Cultivating Awareness

Empowering the youth to navigate the complex world of health and medicine

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Hands on exposure to the health and medical field
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Health Literacy

Our primary goal is for the lessons we teach to be practical and relevant for our students. Ultimately, we hope to increase their understanding of health concepts.


Project BEAM places educators in a unique position as role models and mentors for the high school students during our sessions. High School students look to educators as a guide. In addition, educators learn from the students.

Community Service

A secondary goal of our sessions is that the practical knowledge will permeate to families and anyone in direct contact with our students indirectly increasing their understanding of health.

Community Engagement

By working directly within the schools, Project Beam makes a stronger impact through increased accessibility and decreased discomfort.


The development, creation, and implementation of our learning sessions instills creative ways for our participants and educators to develop as leaders.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Through continuous, long term interaction with students, educators will be able to develop their interpersonal skills by building strong, meaningful relationships with the students and teachers they engage with.



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