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O’DARAH OUTREACH is a 501(C)(3) certified NJ non-profit organization created and managed by young professionals with the purpose of promoting healthcare, education and other services to communities and/or institutions, both locally and abroad. Today, we are working hard to improve the overall quality of life for community members through health education, preventative medicine and other services. We hope to achieve this goal and with your help this will be possible. All of our funding and donations go towards the continuity, sustainability and development of our initiatives. Thank you for your donations. We really appreciate it. Click on the Donate button below to continue with your donation.


Background and Purpose:

The Stephen and Constance Awuku Memorial Foundation, one of the charitable arms of the nonprofit organization O’DARAH OUTREACH, announces the 2019 Stephen and Constance Awuku Memorial Foundation Scholarship Program. Under the program, three (3) scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors, interested in science, engineering and medicine in order to aid with financial assistance in furthering their college education. The foundation is dedicated to helping students who have experienced great adversity and are in financial need. Our mission is to help deserving students in the community of Newark, New Jersey to achieve their career goals, an aim which has the added benefit of bettering the community as a whole.


Brief history of Stephen and Constance Awuku:

Mr. Stephen Gyamfi Awuku and Mrs. Constance Awuku were Ghanaian immigrants who came to the United States in 1995 with hopes of a better life for themselves and their three children. Growing up in Ghana, Stephen was a very bright and creative child. As a child, he would dismantle his new toys and reassemble them to make new ones. Due to his excellent academic performance he gained admission to The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in 1975, where he graduated with a Civil Engineering degree. His exceptional engineering skills allowed him to secure a position as a Project Manager at the Uren Construction Company in Nigeria. He married his fiancé, Constance Awuku, in 1982. Constance Awuku endured a very difficult childhood after losing her parents at a young age. However, life’s challenges helped build her resilient characteristic which set the foundation for her children and the numerous people she assisted throughout her life. With their three children, they left Nigeria due to political conflicts in the country for Ghana and then to the United States shortly after.


While in the United States, their dedication and hard work propelled them past the challenges and obstacles they faced. Stephen worked at Payless and Bed Bath Beyond, while Constance worked as a home health aide at Patient Care Inc in order to make ends meet and support their children. Even through their struggles, they did not hesitate to help others. They often supported and provided a place to stay for children outside of their own who needed assistance. They loved taking care of people and providing for friends and family. Education was a huge priority for them and something they instilled in their children. Leading by example, Stephen and Constance went back to school to further their education in the United States. Stephen obtained his master’s degree and his Professional Engineering License, and later became a founding member of the Ghanaian Engineers & Architect Association of America (GEAAA). Constance also went back to school to obtain her nursing degree. Both Stephen and Constance were huge advocators of education especially in the field of Science, Medicine and Engineering. Unfortunately, both Stephen and Constance Awuku’s lives were cut short due to cancer.


The Stephen and Constance Awuku Memorial Foundation Scholarship will continue their legacy of helping others and providing for those enduring hardship along the journey towards higher education.

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The Stephen and Constance Awuku Memorial Foundation Scholarship

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